Prerequisites and Requirements

Communication Requirements

  • All Zerto for Kubernetes components communication occurs using HTTPS, over port 443.


  • Helm Package Manager, minimum version 3.
  • A storage class must be specified and set as the default prior to Z4K installation.
  • Cluster security policy should allow creation of privileged pods.

Storage Requirements

  • Zerto for Kubernetes containerized applications also consume storage:
  • Zerto Kubernetes Manager: 3 GB
  • Zerto Kubernetes Manager Proxy: 1 GB
  • Keycloak Database: 2 GB
  • A storageClass with VolumeBindingMode of type "WaitForFirstConsumer" is needed for Zerto to work with persistent volumes.
  • The environments storage should support volume mode using Block ("VolumeMode: Block").

Recovery Site Volume Bind Requirements

  • Zerto recommends that you set the recovery site StorageClass to "WaitForFistCustomer" volume bind mode.
  • Each recovery VRA has specific volumes that must be bound to it.
    • If using "immediate" volume binding mode, the volume might be created on a different node and once the VRA POD is created, it would have to move to that node.
    • If the system doesn't allow the PV to move freely between nodes, the VRA POD won't come up.